Tuesday, 6 September 2011

National Poetry Day 2011 - Patchwork Poem on the theme of 'Playing Games'

The theme of National Poetry Day 2011 is Games.

Following on from the success of last year’s Patchwork Poem to coincide with NPD2010, I’ve been asked to run another this year.  So, if you wish to contribute here’s what to do:-

Please send us your original poetry on the theme of Playing Games - they can be complete poems, either already written or written specially for the Patchwork, or they can be just random lines or poetic thoughts, but should address the theme of playing games – for instance, you could send a poem or a few lines concerning :-

* real or imaginary games
* games of chance, skill or love
* the rules of the game
* the players of the game
* the outcome of the game

We will then create a Patchwork Poem by taking individual lines from your contributions. The resulting Patchwork Poem will be published in a variety of places (including here) on National Poetry Day.

Please email your contribution to a.z.jackson@dundee.ac.uk with the email subject ‘Patchwork Poem’.

Contributions should reach me by September 30th at the latest

Remember, we can only use a line or two from each contribution, so please keep them brief and don’t send long poems. Feel free to spread the word to anyone who you feel might be interested in submitting something – even if it’s just a line!

Many thanks and we wait to receive your contribution…

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