Thursday, 19 August 2010

Scots Language Centre invite you tae a pairty!

Luath Press an the Centre for the Scots Leid is richt joco tae inveet yersel an a guest til a pairty in the Pairty Pavilion [the gless-frontit marquee that neebors the main RBS lecture chaumer] at the Embra Aw-Kintra Buik Fest in Charlotte Square. The theme o the gaithering is grundit on the leids o Scotland.

Authors kything includes John Cairney, Angus Peter Campbell, Christine De Luca, Alistair Findlay, Robert Alan Jamieson, Stuart McHardy, Liz Niven, Mark Thomson and Rab Wilson. Mair parteeclars anent thair buiks is ablow.
The pairty is free but ingait tae this event is bi inveet alane. Please reply til 0131 225 4326 wi yer name(s) bi Thursday 26 August.

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